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Host your events and earn your money

We are proud to be the world's first virtual running event running platform - We give anyone, anywhere, the ability to host a running event and bring friend and followers together in one place online. Get Set Run let's you:

  • Raised Funds

  • Earn Money

  • Promote cause globally

Star Performers!

Get to know some of the top athletes using Get Set Run to track their performance.


Join challenges, beat the time target and win unlimited rewards.

Built for Brands, Event Organizers, and Individual Runners

Get Set Run is an all-in-one solution designed for running event organizers, brands, and even individual runners. Creating, promoting and monitoring events is simple with our powerful management tools, but individual runners can utilize our mobile app to track running data (indoor and outdoor), beat challenges, follow global leader boards, and more. We’re proud to partner with event organizers and individuals all around the planet, from London to Mumbai to New York to Bangalore and everywhere in between. Our powerful mobile app puts all the capabilities you need right in the palm of your hand.

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